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linux-os-tux-wallpaper-3Birmingham University choose Linux for latest Supercomputer
Linux has been chosen as the operating system for the latest supercomputer facility at Birmingham University. This supercomputer is allocated to the Economics and Engineering departments as well as international research groups to enable researchers to address key research activities.

BlueBEAR II uses a 15-teraflop processor with over 800 processing cores based on Intel’s Sandy-Bridge multicore processor. The Linux-based array is one part of the overall Birmingham Environment for Academic Research (BEAR). BEAR is a set of complementary computer and network services designed to meet the furure needs of the scientific research community.

That Linux has been chosen for this leading scientific research supercomputer facility is another seal of approval for the Linux system according to Ray Brown, CTO at Tendron Systems.

Key features of BlueBEAR II include a large memory service for data-intensive needs; a sophisticated visualization center with active stereo displays and motion tracking; and highly scalable collaborative conferencing and collaborative visualization services, features claimed to be especially helpful to large and often international research groups.

BlueBEAR II provides substantial extra computer power than its predecessor and will enable researchers to process larger and more accurate simulations than previous supercomputers.
Linux specialist Mitchell McGuire of MKM Software commented that Linux is the operating system of choice for the worlds most powerful computers.

The University plan to provide computer power to external research groups, including CERN, the European Particle Physics Research establishment in Geneva.