How are we going to teach the next generation about open source and Linux? More importantly, how can we get the right technology into classrooms to empower our educators to teach our children the open source way?

The opportunities that open source presents to education and academics is growing each day. highlights individual tools like Scratch and TuxPaint that are starting to make an impact—but, what about an entire education distribution? How do we make it easier to get an entire toolset into the hands of school systems, teachers, and students? How can we really move the needle and present a revolutionary open source operating system designed for kids and education?

Enter Ubermix.

Ubermix is a Linux distribution built by educators, for educators, and for students, “with an eye towards student and teacher empowerment.” That’s why the “desktop” looks like a mobile phone. And it comes pre-installed with tons of open source applications that are geared toward education and creativity.

We caught up with the founder of Ubermix, Jim Klein, to find out more about this Linux-based operating system and how the project aims to create a turn-key installation process, reducing the complexity and deployment often associated with installing a Linux distro. We also wanted to hear some of the stories from the people already finding success with Ubermix.

Takeaway sneak peek: You can make a difference for the next generation. Just tell someone you know in education about Ubermix.


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