There is no shortage of Linux distributions to serve specific markets and use cases. In the security market, a number of Linux distributions are widely used, including Kali Linux, which is popular with security penetration testers. There’s also CAINE Linux, which is focused on another area of security. CAINE, an acronym for Computer Aided INvestigative Environment, is a Linux distribution for forensic investigators. Instead of penetration testing tools, CAINE is loaded with applications and tools to help investigators find the clues and data points that are required for computer security forensics. Among the tools included in CAINE are memory, database and network analysis applications. CAINE is built on top of the Ubuntu Linux 14.04 distribution that was released in April. Rather than use the Ubuntu Unity desktop environment, CAINE uses the MATE desktop. The CAINE 6.0 “Dark Matter” operating system was first released on Oct. 7 and includes new and updated applications to help forensics investigators. CAINE can be run as a live image from a CD or USB memory stick and can also be installed onto a user’s hard drive.


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