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 The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the world’s premier Linux certification organization, announced that its partner organization LPI-Netherlands has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ECABO, Netherlands’s Center of Expertise on Vocational Education, Training and Labor Market to include LPI certifications in their curriculum. ECABO works for the entire range of vocational training in the Netherlands representing lower and senior secondary vocational education and higher vocational education. For example ECABO supports nearly 90,000 students in the senior secondary vocational education sector alone.

Under this agreement ECABO will include LPI certification within its blueprint for ICT vocational training within the senior secondary education market. In offering students the opportunity of obtaining LPI certifications while pursuing their chosen field of vocational training ECABO is certain future graduates may significantly enhance their position in the labor market.

“We see an annual growth rate of Linux deployments in companies and with governments of 8-10 percent”, said Emiel Brok, chairman of LPI-Netherlands. “However, further growth may be reduced due to a shortage in well-trained and properly certified Linux professionals. This initiative on the part of ECABO should ensure that the growing popularity and adoption of Linux and Open Source Software continues in the Netherlands,” added Brok. LPI-Netherlands will work with ECABO and other organizations in the future to inform human resources departments and other employment agencies on the value of hiring LPI-certified staff. LPI-Netherlands will also extend LPI-Approved Academic Partner (LPI-AAP) status to senior secondary training organizations which participate in this new program.

read more at:    https://www.lpi.org/vocational-education-netherlands-adopts-lpi-certification/